University Homes For Sale – University Condos For Sale

This is an elite community surrounded by beautiful greenery.  Vancouver is well known for the preservation and cultivation of nature to beautify the land. It started out as a logging area in the 1800s, and it had many different branches and trees that could be harvested.  Now, 100 years later, the logging industry has changed and many people use those areas as parks.

The neighborhood came about with the University Endowment Land Act of 1907. This set apart the land for development by companies later on, and was made official in 1989 with the opening of the Pacific Spirit Park. This neighbourhood was set aside and was later changed into an area that now has about 2800 residents. This area is suburban but also has the beautiful and idyllic feeling that many area of Vancouver has to offer.

Schools In The Area

There are many schools in the area, which is fitting since the area is called University. There is the University Hall Elementary that caters to the younger kids and the Lord Byng Secondary and the University Hill Secondary School that help to further the education of teenagers. If one wants to go to a private school, then they can choose from St. George’s or Westside Christian School. The University of British Columbia is, of course, located in the community as well.


The University community allows one to feel the city life without having to be around the busy nature of a city. No matter where you are, you only have to walk a little to get to the unbridled beauty that is the city of Vancouver.

History Of The Housing Market

The housing in the area is diverse and caters to every demographic. There are student accommodations for the university crowd along with homes that are for those who are of the middle to high-income bracket. Due to the premier land value, there are very prestigious homes in this neighbourhood, with many of them valued in the million of dollars. There are also homes for those within a smaller price bracket, including multi-family townhouses with secondary suites. This allows average income earners to live in the area despite the high costs of living.

Recreation Opportunities

In the community one can check out the Museum of Anthropology to help satisfy their curiosity, or the UBC Botanical Garden for something a bit different. There is also the Nitobe Memorial garden, which is a Japanese garden. Pacific Spirit Park allows one to explore different trails that cater to nature hikers, dog bikers, walkers and even horseback riders. On the western tip there are two beaches of the Lower Mainland ideal for jogging, sports or simply relaxing.

Restaurants & Shopping

There are different mall complexes that are being changed into multi-level housing. Even so, these malls cater to every household item a University resident may need and this makes the area a sustainable community. With the help of the neighborhood association, this community is able to thrive and give residents whatever they need.

There are also different shops and restaurants by the University of British Columbia campus that allows one to have more variety. There is also a small shopping area on Dunbar that is only a small commute from the area.

Transportation Options

The area is about thirty minutes away from downtown, offering a scenic view on the way to the airport. The transit system helps cater to the large student population in the area.