SW Marine Homes For Sale – SW Marine Condos For Sale

SW Marine is an elegant area that is highly understated. It’s quiet and perfect for those who want to get away. The area comes with beautiful homes having a myriad of trees and beautiful lots—it’s one of the more appealing characteristics of the neighbourhood.

Schools In The Area

SW Marine is about 99% residential, which means that it will have many educational institutions to choose from. There is Maple Grow Elementary, McKechnie Elementary, Sir Wilfred Laurier and David Lloyd Elementary in its borders. A little outside the border is Magee Secondary School, which helps older children nourish their minds as they look forward the future. The private schools in the area are Glen Eden and Vancouver Montessori School. If one wants to check out other private schools, there is the Crofton house and Vancouver Hebrew Academy within easy driving distances.


The areas around the community are 49th Avenue, which is up north, West Boulevard that turns into Granville Street in the East, SW Marine Drive in the West, and 70th Avenue to the south.  SW Marine is an interesting neighborhood because it is secluded, despite being easily accessible by the cities westside. The tree-lined streets help to border this quiet area in Vancouver.

History Of The Housing Market

Most of the homes in the area are for those with a higher income potential than other areas of the city. The biggest demographic of homes in SW Marine are single-family homes on large lots. The reason why these homes are so big is because most were built before 1946 and they show off the elegance of time prior to that. The lawns are also well taken care of and the trees are very healthy. Some of the most iconic houses in Vancouver can be seen in this area, including the Cases Mia.

Recreation Opportunities

SW Marine has a lot of green space and that’s the biggest recreation aspect of the area. There three prominent parks in the community, namely Riverview Park, Maple Grove Park and Arbutus Park. They are all perfect for joggers and those who want to partake in recreational sports. The Marpole Community Center is the indoor recreational facility in the area.  There are many popular programs to choose from. The community also has two prestigious golf courses where some of the best in the sporting arena engage in the world's oldest sport.

Restaurants & Shopping

There are no commercial shopping centers in the SW Marine area; however, on the Eastern Border there is a shopping district on 70th avenue. A large grocery store, liquor store, and multiple gas stations provide amenities to the community. On the northern borderline are other unique shops, restaurants and coffee places to check out. Residents may also find banks, insurance and doctor facilities.

Transportation Options

SW Marine is a main transportation hub that allows one to travel to any of the outlying areas connecting the Lower Mainland.  Most of the travel is done by car, which allows people to commute from east and west without issues.  If one doesn’t have a car, there is still a public transportation system—the bus system offers convenient stops allows in downtown and the surrounding areas.