South Cambie Homes For Sale – South Cambie Condos For Sale

Not to be confused with the new South Cambie (or Cambie), the real South Cambie is actually in the southern portion of Vancouver, a smallish, well-groomed neighbourhood south of Oakridge and north of Marpole.


From Oak to Ontario, South Cambie is bordered in the north along 49th Avenue and in the south along the N Arm Trail Greenway (59th Avenue).

History Of The Housing Market

Single-family units and townhouses make up the bulk of dwellings in South Cambie.  One of the premier properties is Langara Estates adjacent to Langara Golf Course. With abundant green space and broad private roadways, the Estates include townhouses and low-rise condo buildings in harmony with standard houses. Long imitated (and sometimes duplicated), Langara Estates provides the blueprint for many newer developments in the Lower Mainland.

Recreation Opportunities

Langara Golf Course and its trail, occupies the eastern edge of South Cambie. A city-owned course open to the public, Lanagara offers affordable pricing and is a favourite of Vancouverites. Cambie Park is a modest affair lying across from the golf course, while Tisdale Park is just to the north in Oakridge. The Marpole Oakridge Community Centre (Oak Street/W 59th) offers a wealth of recreation and fitness programs for area residents of all ages.

Restaurants & Shopping

As small as it is, the neighbourhood of South Cambie has no distinct retail climate of its own. However, Oakridge Centre, with its chain stores, retail shops, and large multiplex, is just to the north and serves the residents well.

Schools In The Area

On 49th, between Alberta and Ontario, Langara College and its environs take up much of the northeastern corner of South Cambie. An institute of higher learning, it is the choice of many young adults throughout Greater Vancouver.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary and J.W. Sexsmith Elementary are in South Cambie proper, while B. Jamieson Elementary lies just to the north of W 49th.  Sir Winston Churchill Secondary is the only high school in South Cambie, but several others are within easy commuting distance. King David High School in Oakridge is the nearest private secondary.

Transportation Options

The main commuting thoroughfares for cars, bicycles and public transit are Oak Street and Cambie Street. Running the north-south corridor, the streets are fast and easy access routes to the major highway network, leading to the Vancouver International Airport, the City of Richmond, and the rest of the Lower Mainland. Public transportation is significantly augmented by the Canada Line travelling along Cambie Street, with a station at 49th. Pedestrian and cycling traffic are primarily local affairs, heaviest around Langara College and the neighbouring golf course.