Main Street Homes For Sale – Main Street Condos For Sale

This trendy and hip Eastside neighborhood of Vancouver is none other than Main Street. Residents of Main Street enjoy the great shops and amazing restaurants that this affordable community has to offer its residents.

Schools In The Area

Main’s educational facilities are perfect for this traditional single-family neighbourhood. Wolf Elementary, Brock Elementary, Livingstone Elementary and Van Horne Elementary are the four closest elementary schools to Main. Sir Charles Tupper Secondary is the local secondary school located on the eastern edge of Main. Sir Winston Churchill Secondary and Sir John Oliver schools are both located just outside the borders of Main and are secondary school options for the residents inside the Main limits. St. Andrews School, Khalsa School and Vancouver College are the private/independent schools that are accessible to the residents living in the Main neighbourhood.


The rectangular area of Main is located on Vancouver’s Eastside border. The neighbourhood is surrounded to the north by East 16th Avenue, to the east by Prince Edward, to the south by East 49th Avenue and to the west by Ontario Street. This neighbourhood is traditionally an older single-family area, but is being established by residents of all ages over recent years. Young multi-cultural singles, upper middle-class couples and families have flocked to the Main due to the desire to buy homes that are accessible and affordable.

History Of The Housing Market

The majority of the houses in Main were built prior to 1946 as detached single-family homes. The demand for high-quality and affordable housing with quick transport to the downtown core has brought a recent surge of development to the area. Low and mid-rise multi-unit buildings as well as townhouse developments have been a welcome addition to the community. Further development of Main has been proposed that would expand the character of the neighbourhood. The development proposal for the area between 33rd and 37th is set to include retail shops, a child care facility, at least seven residential towers and playground. The new development will have a positive impact on the community and the families that live there.

Recreation Opportunities

Main has multiple small parks and green spaces for the residents in the community. Riley Park is one of the larger parks in the district which includes two playgrounds, a baseball diamond, a unique climbing boulder, wading pool and open space for a number of other outdoor activities. Residents of the area can find numerous programs available for all ages at the Riley Community Center.

Restaurants & Shopping

Main has an eclectic assortment of shopping and restaurant establishments alongside the traditional grocery chains, insurance facilities, banks and liquor stores. The selection of independently owned boutique stores are unlike anything in the Greater Vancouver area. They offer residents a variety goods and services right in the community. The area of Main Street and King Edward offers numerous ethnic restaurant choices, which is why residents are calling it “restaurant row.”

The well known “Punjabi Market” is located on the southern border of the community. The center of the market rests at Main Street and 49th Avenue and then extends south for many blocks. The market is know for the amazing selection of foods, clothing, spices and other native Indian and South East Asian products.

Transportation Options

Main is known for being close to the downtown core and has plenty of accessible routes. There are multiple public transportation choices in the neighborhood that travel frequently through the city and surrounding areas. Main is in close proximity to the Canada Line means that area residents are some of the best served by the local public transportation system.