Modern Kitchen Renovations Increase Your Home Value

Every time you have a party, everyone eventually ends up in the kitchen. It's the heart of your property, and an amazing place to gather with friends and family. In our modern lives unfortunately we don't spend as much time here as we used too, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't. Every family needs that time to reconnect with each other after a busy day. A well used kitchen is filled with amazing smells, from fresh baked goods to a slow roasting turkey in the oven. A kitchen renovation shouldn't be entered into lightly, it's a massive committment. The good news is there is no shortage of options out there, study the modern trends and bring your own style to the process. Find some ideas that will improve your kitchen on your terms and improve your property value.


Countertops and Appliances

This might seem kind of hard to believe, but in the recent past granite countertops were actually considered a luxury even for high-end homes. Same for the stainless stell appliances that are now commonplace in most new kitchens. Kitchen appliances have come a long way in terms of their energy efficiency as well, and there are some environmentally friendly options for countertops too. Most of the stylish appliance you see everywhere these days are energy star rated. I'd recommend buying a full set of appliances with the energy star rating, most buyers are looking for this so if they aren't efficient this will be a negative. You don't have to sacrifice efficiency to build a luxurious kitchen. The only exception would be a gas stove over an electric stove, this is where energy efficiency is often overlooked. This is a chose you've have to make for yourself, there is no getting around the fact that a gas stove is a powerful selling feature. Even a self appointed gourmet home chef can appreciate some modern, environmentally friendly kitchen upgrades.

Add a Kitchen Island & Pantry

Modern home designs will try to incorporate a pantry that is located between the garage and the kitchen. In a perfect world it would be ideal to be able to put away your groceries on the way into your home. An island is a great addition to any kitchen, and is especially popular in condos. It can double as a kitchen table, which can provide some extra room that is highly sought after in some of the cities smaller units. Accent lighting features are very much in vogue, a common feature these days is a dimmer switch. This allows you to play with the lighting throughout an evening, striking up different levels of ambiance in your kitchen.

Gardens & Compost Bins

Vancouverites are known for their green thumbs, community gardens are a common feature throughout the city. Most homes in the city feature a garden in their backyard, so why not a small garden in the kitchen as well? Growing some herbs can provide some ready to go additions to your favourite recipes, and also purify the air in your kitchen. Produce loses a 3rd of its nutritional value by the 4th day after it's harvested, with a small herb garden in your kitchen your family will be healthier and happier.

Metro Vancouver has implemented a ban on food waste, with the ultimate goal of removing compostable organic materials from our landfills. With this in mind, it's important to figure out how to implement a compost bin system outside of your house that doesn't affect the kitchen in a negative way to a prospective home buyer, but instead is seen as a positive. Having a modern, easy to use system for sorting recyclables can also be a valuable selling feature when implementing correctly. Going green will add value to your home to the right buyer, which can put more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

All of these renovations can add value to your home and increase your property value when done properly. When it comes down to the brass tacks though, keeping it simple is always a good rule of thumb. You can buy one of the nicest fridges on the market, but if it doesn't open properly within your space it's not going to help sell your home. If you love wine, buy a nice wine rack but don't rely on this being an attractive feature to a random buyer. Is having a sink in your kitchen island a good idea or will it inevitably add mess to the centerpiece of your kitchen? I hope you found this article and the videos informative, I'd love to hear your suggestions as well.


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