Making Your Garage The Centre Of Attention

There used to be a day when a garage was solely for automobiles, not anymore! Now most garages are converted into glorious man caves with lots of tools everywhere and work spaces to take of some extra curricular activities. What better spot to have a workshop, somewhere where you don't have to worry about making a mess. The artist in the family can also use these spaces for their creative time, or you can store your workout equipment and leave the grunting to the sanctity of this area. Whatever the excuse for using this space proactively, a more comprehensive garage space is a great selling feature.

Make Those Floors Shine

Even though a garage isn't meant to be super clean, cracks in the garage floors can give a buyer a bad impression. Resurface the floor to get rid of any dings and bumps in the surface, this will add value to your home and increase your asking price. A lot of renovators will advise you to install a new concrete pad which is an excellent suggestion, but a step above that is a brand new concrete polished floor. If you've already gone about converting a section of the garage into a art studio then perhaps another kind of flooring in that section wouldn't look out of place, there are lots of options. If your floors are in good condition, it never hurts to hire a professional to give it a good polish.

Time To Stare At The Walls

You may be perfectly content with the fact that your garage has unfinished walls, but a prospective buyer might find this to be an unattractive feature. If you are looking at a potential renovation to maximize the amount of money you can get for your home it's likely a good idea to add some insulation, cover it with sheet rock and top it off with a coat of paint in a neutral colour. One thing you don't want to do is go with a dark colour here, so it's easily possible for the new owner to paint over it. If your drywall is in a bad state of affairs, this is something you likely want to look at re-doing as well.

Where Is Your Ceiling?

Now I'm not talking about your potential buyers ceiling on what they are willing to pay for your home, I'm talking about the actual ceiling in your garage! What kind of of ceiling do you have up there? If there is a staircase up to the rafters, is there enough room to put in a little attic? Maybe you've already coverted this space into something useful, if so that's great. Any time you can maximize room on your property it's a good thing. Laneways houses are the ultimate in optimizing this space, but if that's not possible because of zoning restrictions getting the most out of your current garage space is a great alternative. If an attic isn't a possibility but you still have a great beamed ceiling it's not a bad idea to build in a skylight to let more natural light into the garage. The goal should be to make the room as open and inviting as a garage possibly can be.

Getting Wired For All Of Life's Toys

Garages that were built a long time ago don't tend to have a lot of options when it comes to power outlets. If there are some to choose from it's a good possibility they aren't grounded (old school two prongs) or confined to area's where you might have to practice gymnastics to get at. If you are going to go all out and renovate the walls and ceilings, why not go a little further and do a little rewiring? If you decide to tackle this as well, make sure you install modern grounded plugs in easy to access locations. Adding a security system is always a nice touch, and an internet and cable connection will get attention from the right buyer.

Get Started On Sprucing It Up

If the renovations suggested above aren't necessary or aren't in the budget, maybe just look at some simple options to make your garage look its best. If you are going to put a lot of effort into the interior, make sure you put some gusto into the exterior as well. After all a potential buyer might not make it inside if the outside is in poor condition. All are good ideas, so if you can afford the investment it will likely pay off in the long run.

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