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Fraser is a vibrant and dynamic Eastside neighborhood that is ethnically rich. The community within Fraser proudly welcomes and embraces diversity into this close-knit neighborhood.

Schools In The Area

The educational opportunities for the children and young adults in Fraser are just as diverse as its residents. This dense single-family neighborhood offers multiple public and private schools that are accessible to its residents.

Sir Alexander Elementary, Livingstone Elementary and McBride Annex are some of the elementary schools that are in the area. Henderson Elementary is another school that is located outside the southern border of Fraser. Sir Charles Tupper Secondary and John Oliver Secondary School are well established schools for young adults—they are both located in the northwest corner of the Fraser community.

Private schools in the area include Khalsa School, St. Andrews School and Vancouver College. These private schools offer the residents of Fraser the opportunity to send their children to the school of choice without having to travel outside of the community they live in.


The neighborhood of Fraser is divided down the center by Fraser Street—the main street in this community. The north edge of the neighborhood is East 16th Avenue and the south edge is East 49th Avenue. The western and eastern borders are Elgin Street and Prince Edward Street. There are few sections of Ross Street and Glen Drive that are also part of the Fraser neighborhood.

History Of The Housing Market

Most of the dense single-family homes in Fraser were built prior to 1946 on large lots of land. These homes are ideal for families with young children and retirees that enjoy the quiet. Bungalows and “Vancouver Specials” built during residential development in the 80s are plentiful in Fraser. Recent development in this community has focused on multi-family strata units, low-rise and townhouse complexes the desire for these types of dwellings.

Recreation Opportunities

Fraser has two local recreational facilities and green space to serve the needs of the community. Grays Park is located on East 33rd Avenue and covers a 1.61 hectare site. The features of this park include two tennis, a basketball court, lawn bowling greens, a wading pool and a ball hockey area. Memorial South Park is a large recreational facility that is located further south of Greys Park in the Fraser area. This park is recognizable by the ceremonious War Memorial that is located at near entrance of the park. Memorial South Park was opened in 1926 and has developed over the years to meet the needs of the residents in the community and local sports organizations. This park features sports fields, a pond and a six-lane running track. The sports field is built with synthetic turf that is able to handle soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee. Whippet racing was the original attraction when Memorial South Park was opened.

Restaurants & Shopping

Fraser Street is the heart of this community and where you can find a vivacious shopping area full of local shops, grocery chains and national drug stores. This 9 block shopping area between 41st and 50th Avenues hosts food stores and restaurants as ethnically diverse as the residents in the community. The South Hills Business Improvement Association promotes this residential shopping area and offers a complete directory of the business.

Transportation Options

Fraser is in the center of the major transportation systems in the area that offer travel options north to Downtown, south to Richmond and to all areas that surround the Fraser community. The arterial routes in this community allow for fast and easy transportation routes for those who travel by car or have the desire to use public transportation.