Flooring Renovations : So Many Options To Choose From

Ah yes, time to contemplate a renovation. Out come the great ideas, endless hours of the home and garden network, and on go the renovation thinking caps. Maybe you see a new floor for your home or condo in the near future. Well hey, you've come to the right place, you're in luck! Any way you look at it, there's a flooring type that will please everyone in your home.


Some Say Make it Hardwood

Most people think hardwood is the uncrowned king of flooring these days, and they aren't wrong. When it comes to durability and style, hardwood flooring really can't be beat. But it's definitely a more expensive option, but can last for many decades to come. There are a number of vintage properties in the Lower Mainland that still have their original hardwood, showcasing the longevity of this type of flooring. Now they do require some maintenance mind you. Staining, sanding and repolishing your hardwood floors every 10 years or so will make them look close to new. Brand new hardwood comes ready for install, including being pre-stained. Even a beginner DIY person should be able to get the hang of it.

Why Not Go Bamboo

Bamboo is a form of wood, or is it? This is one of my favourite options to recommend, mostly because it is super environmentally friendly. With a fast harvest cycle of a year, the bamboo plant is known as one of the quickest growing plants mother earth gives us. Trees can take decades upon decades to grow to a size where harvesting them is practical. The only downside to using bamboo from an environmental standpoint is that the refining process uses formaldehyde when it's being processed for flooring. The tube shape is first shredded, then cut, before going to be processed. It's a great alternative to other types of flooring, but it can be a little costly so budget renovators might want to look elsewhere. Most people have a simple love hate relationship with bamboo, personally I think it's a great option.

The Laminate Option

There are a lot of home owners in Vancouver who would look at you funny if you mention the term laminate flooring, but it's a decent option, especially for condos. It's another love hate scenario, mainly due to the quality of the flooring, or lack thereof. Laminate can give you the appearance of real wood for a fraction of the cost, but it's not real wood. It can easy to install, goes in well over existing floors, and has a large variety of options to choose from. They are a lower maintenance option, and can provide flexibility where some other options can't.

Cork Flooring

Cork is another environmentally friendly option, and is very flexible as well. It's the same material as the cork in your wine bottle, it just goes through a different processing procedure. Another benefit of cork flooring is that it's anti-allergenic, so if there are any people in the family with allergy issues it's a great option to explore. It comes is a great variety of textures and colours, including some different patterned varieties. Cost vary but on average it comes in about four dollars per square foot.

Ceramic Tile

Popular in warmer climates, ceramic tile can sometimes be used throughout an entire home. In Vancouver and other parts of Canada, it's common to find ceramic tile in bathrooms and kitchens. On a hot summer day it's definitely very welcome, but not when thermometer is approaching the freezing point. It can be a little on the pricier side, but does have a lot of variety when it comes to price as well. Textures, colours, and patterns are endless, choosing can be harder than making a decision to buy.

Cement Flooring

A great option for loft style condos or other properties looking for a modern, gritty look, cement flooring is very popular these days. It's not just the artistic set that looks at it favourably, this type of flooring is used quite frequently in multi-million dollar homes. There are a variety of different colours and finishes to choose from, providing a much more elegant look that the typical slab that would be used in a garage. It's very hard to damage, lasts a long time, and can be super easy to clean and maintain.


Carpeting is definitely a blast from the past in many instances, there was a time where wall to wall shag carpeting was at the forefront of interior design. Even though it's no longer in style to have orange, pink, or green carpet throughout your property it's still a versatile option. For instance, who wants to step on a cold floor when they get up to go to the bathroom on a cold night? On the flip side, people with allergies despise carpeting because it traps allergens in its fabric, this is especially true when there are pets in the home. Vacuuming regularly can overcome this for the most part, but there is also a concern when it comes to staining from spills. It's a good option in some rooms of the house, but most often is overlooked as an option these days.

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