Three Ways to Make Selling Your Condo Easier

Are you thinking about getting into the market to sell your condo? Most people dream of selling their unit with the perfect outcome – you'll get lots of calls from qualified buyers leading to multiple offers each more lucrative than the last. Maybe the subject removal is a key point for you, after all moving isn't easy so closing the transaction in a timely fashion can be very appealing. Read the following suggestions to ensure that your condo is ready for exposure to the right buyer.

Making Sure You Price It Correctly

This is likely the most important part of the process. Putting a price tag on your home that is way too high for the current state of the market is a recipe for disaster. Most owners have a view of their condo that is swayed by personal attachment to the unit, it's important to listen to your real estate agent and analyze the market without emotions involved. The perfect buyer likely won't buy the unit if it's overpriced, unless the market is super low on listings. Normally they will move onto another home and wait for yours to come down in price, or submit an offer that fits their budget a little better. Either way you'll end up at the price you should have listed it at, or even lower in certain scenarios.

Bring in a qualified agent to prepare a comparitive market analysis to figure out where other units similar to yours are priced at. This is the best way of making sure that you are within the price range that the market will bear. The flip side of the equation is even more important, definitely make sure you don't price your property below it's value otherwise you'll be throwing money away. Most people are generally nice, but a buyer won't give you extra money out of kindness you need to ask for it through the listing price. Writing a good description of your unit is very and highlights the features of your home is very helpful in justifying your asking price. Does your condo have a well maintained patio, or how about an environmentally friendly kitchen with flooring made from a renewable resource like bamboo? There are the things that buyers are looking for, highlighting them is key to getting the highest price possible.

How Often Will It Be Available To Be Shown?

Advertising the property for sale is always made more tricky by the availability to show the unit. Maybe your condo is occupied by a tenant, making it difficult to co-ordinate schedules. This can put you at a major disadvantage if their are other units in your price bracket that are unoccupied and easy to show, as an example. Buyers want to work on their schedule, after all they are the ones bringing the money to the table. Can you blame them?

When you put a home on the market the ultimate goal is for the whole process to go very smoothly and with the least amount of stress possible. In order to make sure this goal is accomplished, hiring a professional real estate agent who brings a high level of customer service and willingness to show the property is essential. Even though buyers like the flexibility that an open showing schedule will allow them, it's important to remember that they have jobs to go to in the morning and family obligations to take care of. It's very unlikely they are going to want to see your unit at an unreasonable hour.

In most cases a potential buyer will likely want to view your condo over the weekend or early in the evening on a weekday. It's important to allow yourself time to get out of the unit so your real estate professional can guide the interested party through the home and point out all the great improvements you've made or the years and highlight any features that make your condo stand out in the crowd.

Is Your Condo In Pristine Condition?

This is definitely the time to make sure your property is looking its best. There is really nothing an agent can do to help in this situation, other than give you useful advice. You'll want it to look like someone could move into it with minimum hassle. Clean the kitchen, remove all excess clutter, make the unit from top to bottom as best as you possibly can. Hiring a cleaning company is always a good idea before you put your condo on the market. Minimize the furniture in your condo, put any extra sofas or tables into storage. This will make your home seem more open and enticing.

Another consideration you'll want to make is what colours you have on the walls of your condo. It's always ideal to have a neutral colour throughout the unit, again this helps potential buyers see themselves and their possessions in your unit. It's possible that many people think kitchens that are painted red are amazing, but what if the buyer visiting your condo doesn't? This can bring a sense of dread and negativity to the equation, seeing as how they would have to repaint the whole kitchen potentially. Some people will want a fixer upper, others won't be very happy with the thought of having to put work into a unit. A good rule of thumb is that if your condo appears that it's ready to move right into, it's likely you'll have more interest from potential qualified buyers.

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