Making Sure You Select The Right Real Estate Agent

Selling your property is a very significant time in your life, and selecting a realtor to working with is not something to take lightly. I have one of, if not the, largest social media presence in the Vancouver area. With so much connecting and advertising going online these days, this is a significant advantage. However, traditional methods are still effective. You need to make sure all of the visitors to your home leave with the right impression.

My goal is always to provide my clients with all, and I mean all, of the relevant information to make the best decision possible. I offer my buyers and sellers full access to sold listings in their target areas, and am an open book. My expertise will help you at every step of the process to make sure you make the best possible decision, and have no future regrets.

Having my licence with 2 Percent Westview Realty allows me to offer you a unique structure. But I don’t use this structure to pull back on other expenses, I just feel it is a fair pricing structure for this day and age. There are plenty of relevant questions to ask. How will I deal with showing and/or open houses. Am I able to show the listing on short notice? Do I have knowledge of the neighbourhood? There are plenty of questions to ask.

Many agents will tell you your home is worth more than it is to secure the listing, then will use the lack of response to begin negotiating against you to lower the price. This is the oldest trick in the book, and one that I don’t use. I prefer that my clients go into each listing knowing the truth about the value of their home, so there is no potential hard feelings in the future. While there are plenty of questions for you to ask me, there are also many questions I have to ask you. I can understand this may feel unusual or uncomfortable, but it is necessary to fully understand your requirements.

One of the most common questions for real estate agents is how I can improve the property for viewings. This is something we can go over in detail upon viewing your home, and I will make suggestions that are relevant to your specific situation. Often times buyers will either want a turn key solution, or they will want to make the home their own.

Often times in life, and in the realtor profession, the client and the professional will just click and find it easy to work with each other. Over the years the trust between realtors and the public has evaporated because of misconduct in a relatively unregulated market. I’m happy to say all of my clients end up being life long clients, and I boast some great reviews online that you can read at Google and/or Facebook. My clients success in the market is my livelyhood, and this is a responsibility and relationship that I take seriously.

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