Top Five Things That Separate Me Immediately From Other Vancouver Realtors

1 : I have the largest online social media presence with a combined 23,000 + organic followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
2 : I’ve been published in national and local newspapers and contribute to real estate media coverage
3 : I’ve opened up my business to Google and Facebook reviews
4 : I often use car share services for my real estate appointments
5 : On occasion I use transit, walk, and bike to get to appointments. I enjoy living an active, urban lifestyle, and this is part of it

My business is to provide you with dedicated, independent representation. When you are selling, my goal is to sell your home – not to list your home. If you are buying, my goal is to find you the best deal possible – not to sell you into a property. I don’t play the traditional real estate game, I work for my clients – not for the deal. I provide my clients with in depth market information and expert advice to allow them to make an informed decision. If you want to work with someone flashy, keep searching. I’m a true, proud professional, which all my long term clients appreciate. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to earn your business as a client for life. If you’d like to chat about anything related to the Vancouver real estate market you can always call me directly on 604 773 2948

Want to work with a realtor who knows the Vancouver real estate market? Look no further than the two articles linked to below, and note the dates on both.